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Sheriff's Report for April 24, 2024
police lights
Drivers are urged to buckle up before road trips.


Elexuse Hughes, Hwy 21 S/Goshen Road – driving while license is suspended or revoked; failure to appear.

Keller Zipperer, Stillwell Road – DUI, open container of alcohol in vehicle.

Charles Case, Pine Top Road – Criminal trespass, theft.

Francisco Hernandez-Ruiz, Hwy 119 N/Rabun Street – failure to maintain lane, driving without a license.

Bryan Chancey, Old River Road – speeding, wanted person by Springfield PD.

Jordan Benton, Stillwood Drive – Probation violation, willful obstruction of law enforcement officer.


Citation issued

Maurice Gaete, Old Augusta Road – Speeding, driving without insurance, expired vehicle tag.



Midland Pines Road – a man reported an unknown suspicious person was on his front porch. Deputies responded and searched the area, but were unsuccessful in finding a possible prowler.

Greene Drive – a man reported that when the wire transfer did not go through to his bank for the sale of a 2021 GMC Yukon Denali, he wanted to report the vehicle as stolen.

Central Avenue – a woman reported that a transmission shop was not getting her vehicle repaired in a timely manner, so she wanted to retrieve her vehicle.

Huger Street – a woman reported that her husband put his fist close to her face and threatened to “knock her out” during a verbal argument.

Keylime Lane – a man reported that an unknown person shot several holes with a BB gun into the side of his house and a window. Deputies investigated and a juvenile from next door admitted he may have “accidentally” fired BBs in the director of his neighbor’s house.

Logistics Street – a man reported that an unknown person had broken into a locked trailer and several items were allegedly stolen. Among the missing items are a yellow hammer drill, a Dewalt grease gun, six rechargeable batteries, a tool box with various handtools, and a big black empty case.

Central Avenue – a man reported both houses on his property were on fire. Effingham County Fire Department responded and extinguished the fire.

Caroni Drive – a man reported that his neighbor’s dog was “always whining.” Patrol investigated. The dog was inside a kennel and appeared to be fed and healthy.

Road Atlanta – a man reported that he and his live-in girlfriend were having a domestic dispute.

Old Dixie Hwy. – ECSO responded to a vehicle fire. ECFD responded and put out the fire. Vehicle was vacant and no injuries reported.

Blue Jay Road – a woman reported that an item she ordered from a store in Richmond Hill was never delivered even though the post office said it was delivered.

Red Bluff Run – a woman reported that her front door was wide open when she returned from work; but nothing appeared to be missing.

Willow Drive – a man reported that he wanted his live-in girlfriend to move out.

River Oak Drive – ECSO was dispatched to domestic dispute involving a father, daughter, and her fiancé.

Low Ground Road – a woman reported that a male relative, who lived on the adjacent property, was trespassing on her property.

Church Road – a woman reported that relatives returned to the house they rented from her and left several instances of damage including ripped electrical outlets, broken PVC pipes, and shoveling dirt into the house through an open window.

Whitaker Road – a man reported that his wife became disorderly and abusive after she had been drinking.

Saddleclub Way – a woman reported that she had received a threatening phone call from an unknown female.

Commerce Drive – ECSO responded to a call from an auto auction business for a found gun. Deputy determined neither the car nor the gun were stolen and deposited the gun into an evidence locker.

Lakeside Drive – a man reported that his live-in female companion had been drinking and became verbally abusive to him and scared his two daughters.

Cypressridge Run – a woman reported that her husband would not return her cell phone to her.

Stillwell Drive – a man reported another man was on his property and acting disorderly.

Little McCall Road – a woman reported that an unknown person may have stolen her daughter’s identity. The incident is still under investigation.

Arnsdorff Road – a man reported that he and his son were receiving threats via Facebook.

Hwy 17 S. – a woman reported that her neighbor was trespassing on her property and removed the “No Trespassing” sign she had put up.

Springfield Police Department reports


None reported.


Courthouse Road – a man reported that another man threatened him if the watch he purchased from the first man did not work.

Rose Road – a woman reported that she received a text from an unknown person offering to pay her $300 to “set up her friend” to meet him on a dirt road where the friend would be killed. Officers followed up, but the friend did not want to talk with police. Effingham County Sheriff was sent to check out the location described for any suspicious activity. They were not successful in locating anything suspicious.