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Sheriff's Report for June 19, 2024
police light


Christian Jackson, McClaws Road – wanted person by Effingham County Sheriff Office.

Rodshene Mutcherson, Old River Road/Pecan Grove Blvd. – speeding, obstruction of law enforcement officer, wanted person.



Long Bridge Road – a man reported a found shotgun. Deputy took possession of the firearm and logged it in as evidence.

Midland Road/Myrtlewood Court – a man reported his vehicle was on fire. He believes the transmission malfunctioned causing the fire. He was not injured.

Franklins Walk – a woman reported that she and her husband had a verbal argument and she wanted him to leave.

Walker Drive – a woman reported that she had an altercation with her wife.

Stagecoach Drive – Effingham County Parks and Rec reported that an unknown person had broken the door to the concession stand and also cut the chain to the front gate. Nothing appeared to be missing from the concession stand. Estimated damage to the door is $100.

Jamestown Drive – a woman reported that 13 pieces of “very expensive” jewelry are missing from her house. It is unknown when the pieces were allegedly taken, or their exact value.

Pine Street – Deputies responded to a vacant house with an open door, possibly being used by squatters. No contact was made with anyone on the property and deputies were also unsuccessful in contacting the last known owner by phone.

Honey Ridge Road – a man reported that his cell phone caught fire while in his pocket.

Hwy 17S – a woman reported that her ex-boyfriend came to her house, broke a porch light, two windows of her house and the windshield of her car before he left.

Old River Road – a woman requested deputies meet her at a gas station acting on a tip that someone knew the whereabouts of the woman’s missing daughter. Deputies went to the address in an unmarked car and found the missing girl. She was returned to her mother.

McCall Road – a man reported that his manager “threatened to punch him” in the face. Deputies talked with the manager who said he was only joking and didn’t mean anything by it.

Western Red Cedar – a woman reported she saw three white teenage males exiting a house that they didn’t live at, while the owner was not home. Attempts to reach the owner were unsuccessful.

Old Louisville Road – Deputy responded to a vehicle fire. The driver unsuccessfully tried to put the fire out with a fire extinguisher. Effingham County Fire Dept. responded and put the fire out. No injuries were reported.

Hwy 21 S – a woman reported that Johnson Automotive refused to work on her car's transmission; also, an employee had backed into her car and caused some damage to her car while it was at that location.

Standard Lane – Deputy responded to a homeowner who called about a tree falling onto their residence during a storm.

Caribbean Drive – a woman reported that she had a verbal dispute with her husband in the midst of getting a divorce.

Thomas Drive – a woman reported she and her husband had a verbal argument.

McCall Road – Deputies were called to follow up on two females suspected of shoplifting.

Goshen Road – a woman reported that her mother had possibly been scammed out of more than $25,000 the mother sent to an unknown individual via Zelle and wire transfer.

Filly Court – a female Amazon delivery driver reported she felt threatened by a homeowner when she turned into his driveway by mistake. Deputy talked with the homeowner, who said he didn’t mean to frighten the woman by telling her, “People around here in the country have guns.”