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Sheriff's Report for May 29, 2024
police light

Arrests and Citations

Kellum Keys, Wild Rose Drive – criminal trespass, property damage, family violence.

Joe Michael Frost, Hwy. 80/Sandhill Road – tag light required, possession of a Schedule 1 controlled substance (possibly crystal meth), possession and use of drug-related objects, fleeing police officer, obstructing law enforcement, wanted person.

Stephanie Smith, Hwy. 21/Business Park Road – DUI, failure to maintain lane, improper lane change, failure to use turn signal, failure to obey traffic control device.

Joseph Davis, Sandhill Drive – willful obstruction of a law enforcement officer.

Eugene Calloway, Hwy. 21S – no insurance, suspended registration, suspended license, non-working brake light, improper use of turn signal, wanted person.

Uriel Martinez, Old River Road/Pecan Grove Blvd. – driving while unlicensed, nonworking tail light.

Laveron Murphy, Hwy. 30/Pecan Lane – wanted person by Savannah PD.

Carlos José Fernandez, Old River Road/Bay Road – driving while unlicensed, no visible tag on vehicle.

Darla Coghill, Plantation Drive – wanted person.

Juvenile, Keith Road – citation issued for recklessly riding a dirt bike on city street.

Zioz Jackson, Tunnel Road – wanted person by Statesboro PD.



Majestic Drive – a man reported that he had a verbal argument with his daughter that allegedly turned physical. The daughter accused her brother of stealing several pairs of her shoes.

Walker Drive – a man reported that his neighbor showed up 11 p.m. knocking on his door. The man said his neighbor was intoxicated.

Brindlewood Drive – a woman reported that a package delivered by FedEx had been opened and the Apple iWatch was missing.

Pine Lane – a woman reported that she and her husband had a verbal argument. She believed he was taking money from their bank account “to buy more drugs.”

Woodpecker Trail – a woman reported that her ex-husband dropped their children off in the driveway of her parent’s house without telling anyone he had done so.

Beebe Road – a man reported that his neighbors were playing loud music from 4 p.m. until after 1 a.m. the following morning and that cars had been blocking his driveway.

Eagle Drive – a woman reported that her gun (a pink Rugar LC9, #326-01330) was missing from its place in her closet. She believes her son may have taken it, but he denies doing so.

Egypt-Ardmore Road – Deputies and EMS responded to a man experiencing a possible drug overdose.

Scuffletown Road – a woman reported that she and her husband are going through a divorce and had an argument.

Bradford Drive/Oak Leaf Court – a woman reported that she saw a firearm lying in the grass next to the road while she was walking her dog. Deputy retrieved the firearm and logged it into property with the ECSO.

Aspen Drive – a woman reported that she and her husband had a verbal argument that turned physical due to his alleged “talking with other women”.

Cypress Drive – a woman reported that an unknown person had made two unauthorized purchases of $1,200 each from Wayfair that were paid for through her PayPal account. The fraudulent purchases are under investigation. The woman wanted them documented to clear the fraud from her account.

Waldhour Road – a man reported that he and his girlfriend had an altercation. The man said she was intoxicated and she would not let him retrieve an overnight bag from their residence so he could leave.

Candleberry Lane – a man reported that his black Glock 42 (#UI4250201) was allegedly stolen from his unlocked vehicle while it was parked in front of his house.

Dailey Drive – a woman reported that she and her husband had a verbal altercation that turned physical.

Stillwell-Clyo Road – a man reported that he was receiving disturbing texts with “spicy photos” the sender was threatening to send to his Facebook friends list.

Blackwater Way – a woman reported that she accidentally sent $10,000 via Zelle to another person instead of herself. The recipient refused to refund the money and the woman wanted the incident documented so she could report it to Zelle.