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Sheriff’s reports for April 3, 2024


Leon Samuels, Hwy. 21/Commerce Drive – driving while license suspended or revoked.

Randy Thrasher, Arnsdorff Road/Sawmill Road – pedestrian under the influence of alcohol

Alfonso Hernandez, Hwy 80/Hwy 17 – DUI, open container of alcohol in vehicle, driving while unlicensed, failure to obey traffic control device.

Earl Powell, Hwy 21/Commerce Drive – Obstruction of a law enforcement officer, DUI, speeding, driving while license suspended.

George Mincey – wanted person in Chatham County.


Citation issued

Maria Mena, Old River Road/Murchinson Road – speeding and possession of marijuana

Kendra Stoltz, Hwy. 21S/Goshen Road – failure to stop at stop sign, driving without insurance.



Hwy. 21 North – a man reported that he and his wife had a verbal argument that turned physical.

Appaloosa Way – a woman reported that an unknown person purchased an iPad and a service agreement fraudulently using her credit card. She didn’t find out until she received a bill in the mail.

Zettler Loop – a man reported that his water was turned off by the residents in the house on the lot. Officer investigated and confirmed that the circuit breaker for the well was tripped due to the rain and the main house also did not have water.

Foxbow – a woman reported that her neighbor drove his semi-truck into one of the “handy homes” in her front yard.

Hwy. 80 – a man reported that the driver of a motorcycle had lost control of the vehicle and just left it on the man’s property. Deputies could not find any reports of a motorcycle being stolen or any other reports. The motorcycle was removed from the scene.

Stone’s Throw Court – a man called to report a disorderly person on his property.

Sand Hill Road – a man reported that he received a call from an unknown person claiming to be from the US Customs and Border Patrol and they intercepted a package containing drugs. The man wanted a report filed to stop the possible identity theft.

Center Drive – a man reported he observed another man attempting to remove items from his neighbor’s house, which is currently vacant.

Brookfield Court – a woman reported that she was scammed by two unknown persons who allegedly sold her 12 tickets to a Savannah Bananas game for $553.

Chourre Lane – a man reported he was bitten twice by a cat while trying to remove it from his property. Upon talking with his neighbors, the man was told the cat may belong to some new residents who allegedly rescued eight cats prior to moving in. The man received medical treatment for the bites.

Zettler Loop – a man and a woman reported that they were receiving harassing texts and other communication from a tenant on their property after they told him to move out.

Springfield Police Reports


Mikayla Hurst. S. Laurel Street – driving while license is suspended, failure to appear, wanted person.



E. Third Street – a man reported that he would like extra patrol around his house because two other men have threatened to break into his house.

Ash Street Ext. – a woman reported that after she lost her cell phone, she purchased a new one, but the unknown person who has her old cell phone is sending her threatening texts and videos.