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BoE prepares for possible cuts
BoE prepares for possible cuts
Mose Mock2
New school board member Mose Mock takes his oath from Effingham County Probate Court Judge Beth Rahn Mosely in the historic Effingham Courthouse. Eddie Tomberlin, who won a second term in office in November, also was sworn in. - photo by Photo by Calli Arnold

Although property tax collections have started rolling in during the last month and a half, the Effingham County Board of Education is vigilantly watching its funds after accruing a deficit of $7 million in the operations budget at the end of October. 

Ron Wilson, financial director for the school system, said he spoke with the tax commissioner’s office recently and learned “the line was out the door of people paying their taxes.” 

After sluggish tax collections during the first three months of the term, the October financial report from the BoE’s Dec. 15 meeting indicated that operations expenditures exceeded revenues to the tune of $7,016,470. However, Wilson told the board that they’ve collected more than $7 million in taxes during November and so far in December.  

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