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BOE to redress its uniform policy
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The Effingham County Board of Education got a clarification on its dress code last Thursday.

“This year the main concern that we received about our policy was in regards to jackets, sweaters,” said Assistant Superintendent Meredith Arnsdorff said. “Things that we thought would be understood in the policy in some cases were not.”

Arnsdorff said the changes should clarify what students can wear during cold weather and still be dressed according to the policy.

She said there has never been restrictions on outside wear, but students are asked to remove them when they enter the building.

“We ask that we allow jackets, sweaters, sweater vests — if one of these jackets or sweatshirts or sweaters has a hood on it — that they be allowed to wear that in the building, as long as they do not wear the hood in the building,” Arnsdorff said. “The suggestions there also asks that they be allowed to wear a turtleneck in the winter under their (shirt). If that’s going to help them be warm, we want them to be comfortable.”

All of the sweaters, sweatshirt and jackets must be worn over the uniform polo shirt.

The following items have been added to the dress code policy:
• Hose that are neutral skin tones with no design will be allowed. The uniform sweatshirt may not have a hood on it.
• Outerwear jackets are to be worn outdoors only. There are no restrictions in color. They cannot bear inappropriate messages, or be a trench coat or duster. They must be deemed appropriate by the principal.

The following items can be worn over the uniform polo as long as they bear no logo, brand name symbol or other insignia or message: jackets, windbreakers, sleeveless V-neck or crew neck sweater vests, long or short sleeve pullover V-neck or crew neck sweater vests, long or short sleeve pullover V-neck or crew neck sweaters, cardigan sweaters, long sleeve or sleeveless V-neck or crew neck wind shirts, V-neck or cardigan sweatshirts, or fleece garments of the same type.

When wearing any of the allowed jackets, sweaters and sweatshirts the polo collar must be worn out of the extra garment.

All are required to be white, ash or the second color chosen by the school.

The following items may be worn under the uniform shirt: a solid white undershirt, solid white or school color turtleneck or a solid white camisole. The undershirt and the uniform polo must be tucked in.

Restrictions on belts also have been clarified to be plain style solid black, brown, tan, navy or white. Worn inside the belt loops. Belts cannot have any decoration. Belt buckles must be plain, and not be oversized, ornate or bear offensive messages.

Principals will make the final decision if there is any question of a student following the policy.