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Customs and Border officer speaks with transition class
Scott Huntley 2
Scott Huntley, senior import specialist with the Customs and Border Protection in Savannah, talked with the high school transition class at Effingham County High School. - photo by Photo provided

The high school transition class at Effingham County High School hosted senior import specialist Scott Huntley to speak with the students. Huntley works with Customs and Border Protection at the Customs House on Bay Street in Savannah.

Huntley spoke to all of the high school transition classes at ECHS about the role of Customs and Border Protection, his role as an import specialist and how a person can start a career with Customs and Border Protection.

One of the main goals with the high school transition class is to inspire current ninth-graders to make good decisions, set goals and graduate high school. Classes are shown there are many different avenues to achieve success and a multitude of career opportunities available after high school.

Huntley told how he chose his career and the different steps he has taken to get to where is today. He engaged classes with a multimedia presentation that included PowerPoint, pictures and videos and finished each class with a question-and-answer session.