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Jet-powered message
0408 school bus 1
Paul Stender showed off his jet-powered school bus to Springfield Elementary students to show them that jets are cool and drugs are not. - photo by Photo provided

Springfield Elementary School welcomed Paul Stender, owner and driver of the World’s Fastest School Bus, for a brief presentation on “Jets are Cool, Drugs are Not!” on April 1.

Stender’s jet-powered school bus is powered with a 42,000 horsepower engine from a F-4 Phantom fighter jet and will reach speeds of over 360 miles per hour. The students were able to tour the bus and listen to a presentation encouraging kids to get motivated, get active, and build something.

Every staff member and student at Springfield Elementary School was then invited by Redd Griffin, to attend the Savannah River Dragway on April 2 to watch the World’s Fastest School Bus in action. Staff and students enjoyed watching the bus run at speeds over 200 miles per hour on the track.