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Savannah Technical College gearing up for semester switch
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Savannah Technical College is preparing for the conversion from the quarter to semester system, which will begin with the fall semester in August 2011. 
Beginning in the summer of 2010 and continuing through summer 2011, Savannah Tech and its 25 sister colleges will offer one-on-one advisement sessions and individualized academic plans to all affected students.  
“We’re confident that this change will serve our students well moving forward,” says College President Dr. Kathy S. Love.  
The conversion will not affect students’ state or federal financial aid, including Georgia’s HOPE grant and scholarship programs. Annual tuition under the new semester system will be roughly equivalent to the annual cost under the quarter system; however, tuition will be paid three times a year instead of four times a year. Class sizes are not expected to increase on the semester system, nor will a student’s grade point average be affected.
TCSG staff and Savannah Technical College administrators have been at work throughout the last year planning and addressing all necessary curriculum, scheduling, financial aid, information technology and operational aspects of the conversion.A comprehensive curriculum review and adaptation also has been under way at the state level for over a year to ensure the most relevant program content.
“Moving to semesters is a strategic initiative that will ensure greater educational and career opportunities for all of our students and better prepare them for their important roles in Georgia’s 21st Century workforce,” said Dean Alford, chair of the state board that oversees the TCSG.
Moving from quarters to semesters will align the technical college academic calendar with those of the state’s K-12 school systems, the University
System of Georgia and most of the state’s private colleges and universities. Eighty (80) percent of public and private colleges and universities in the U.S. follow a semester calendar.
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