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SEES parents get a look at smart boards
10.18 Lynn Miller
South Effingham Elementary School teacher Lynn Miller explains to parents how she uses the smart board in her classroom. - photo by Photo by Sandi Van Orden

Parents at South Effingham Elementary had smart boards and smart pads demonstrated after the PTO meeting Tuesday night.

Principal Cheryl Christian told the parents the school has used picture money to purchase some of the interactive equipment, the school board has provided some of the units and the PTO also has provided units.

Currently there are interactive classrooms at every grade level, with all of the third through fifth grade classes having a smart pad or smart board.

Lynn Miller, a first grade teacher, told parents the smart board has her students so involved that they are completing tasks above grade level and “they’re excited about it.”

Miller explained how the smart board works and how she uses united streaming to supplement learning with short clips of video on various topics.

She said the best thing is that her students are engaged during class.

“They take an active part in their education,” Miller said. “I get to come and play with the kids.”

Miller said the board is a resource for her students, and it allows her to save everything the class covers in a day.

Mike Jenkins, a parent at SEE, said it wasn’t his first time to see the interactive equipment; his wife is a teacher at the school.

“I think they’re an awesome tool,” he said.

He said his wife Lori had one placed in her classroom a couple of years ago, and she uses it frequently during class.
“I think it stays on all day,” he said.