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Several Mustangs players are in trouble for YouTube video
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Effingham County school officials are looking into an online video that is purported to have shown South Effingham High School football players making profane and derogatory comments about their in-county rivals.

The video, which was taken down from YouTube on Friday, is said to show several Mustangs football players in their jerseys using profanity and in vulgar depictions when discussing Effingham County High School, their upcoming opponent at the time the video was made. South Effingham beat Effingham County 18-13 Friday night.

SEHS Principal Dan Noel, school athletics director Joe Parker and football coach Greg Manior watched the video “extensively” Monday morning, Noel said.

“We are extremely disappointed that some of our young men decided to do this,” Noel continued.

“They have embarrassed the school, the community, their team and Effingham (County High School) and their team.”

Noel was first made aware of the video’s existence about 4:45 p.m. Friday from ECHS Principal Yancy Ford. SEHS officials, preparing for the school’s pep rally prior to the Effingham game on Friday night, watched it briefly after Web blockers were taken down in order to visit the YouTube site.

“We were going to the pep rally and Mr. Ford called and said, ‘there is some video you need to see,’” Noel said.

The players and students in the video have been identified, Noel said, and school officials were contacting their parents Monday afternoon to tell them what was on the video. They also will be discussing punishment options, ranging from suspensions to community service to letters of apologies.

“We will be dealing with each individual,” Noel said.

The video also will be shown to the parents of the students involved.

Noel would not say which players were involved nor how many. One non-player also was shown in the video and Noel said they are trying to determine who was behind the camera.

The video was not shot on school property, Noel said.