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Boy Scouts celebrate camping at Log Landing site
1120 Log Landing
The Boy Scouts Log Landing Camp was established in 1944, and Troop 665 of the Rincon United Methodist Church recently celebrated its 35th anniversary of camping there. - photo by Photo provided

Boy Scout Troop 665 of the Rincon United Methodist Church celebrated its 35th anniversary of its camping at Log Landing Camp.

The camp, established in 1944, has camped boys over the generations in a primitive setting.

The camp is operated by the Boy Scouts of Effingham for the Boy Scouts of Effingham and surrounding areas. The ever-increasing costs associated with petroleum and distances that are now traveled to camp make the Camp at Log Landing and ideal place for a weekend outing.

Located off Highway 21 between Rincon and Springfield, Log Landing Road is the first paved road to the right after passing the light at Ebenezer Road. The camp is situated on both sides of Log Landing Road north of the historic Ebenezer Creek after Bird’s Bridge Crossing.

Parking is available for all the vehicles on the left side of Log Landing Road, allowing the camp site to remain a primitive encampment providing room to camp well over 100 Scouts. The creek is the ideal place for Scouts to experience kayaking and canoeing as well as enjoying the opportunity for boys to experience “the old way” of Scout camping.

To learn more about the camp, visit it online at There you will find how to reserve the campsite and the service work that can be done there to help the camp grow. If any adult considers themselves a surveyor, the camp is in need to identify its boundaries for further improvements and to assure those improvements do not encroach on the neighbors.

The camp is different in what it offers as primitive camp while also being much closer to your group giving opportunity to set up on Friday night before darkness sets in. All Scouting policies still apply so signed permission slips for all attending, two deep leadership, reporting and a limit on the stay of boys in the Cub Scout program are still in effect for your stay.