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Georgia Chamber adds water expert
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Atlanta — The Georgia Chamber of Commerce announces the addition of an experienced professional in the field of water management to its staff. Doug Miell, a native of Australia, will represent the interests of the business community as the Chief Consultant on water issues. He will work with all parties to help reach a consensus and an eventual solution that is fair and equitable for business.

According to Georgia Chamber president and CEO, George Israel, his arrival was just in time.

“Deliberation has begun on the new water plan for Georgia and we believe business must be represented before decisions are made that will affect our state for the next decade,” Israel said. “Doug Miell is the perfect person to sit at the table representing business on these matters.”

Miell just completed a four-year term as chief executive of the New South Wales Irrigators’ Council, dealing with many of the same thorny issues as those now facing Georgia. He represented Australia’s $10 billion irrigated agricultural sector and was the leading national negotiator with federal and state governments on national water reform policy, industry development strategies and program design and implementation.

Miell won acclaim in his country for his keen assessment of water reform proposals, his dogged advocacy of business interests and his success at ensuring that the final solution was fair and equitable for the business community.

The Georgia Chamber is the grassroots voice of business, vigorously representing its diverse membership in the public policy arena. As it constantly works to protect Georgia’s enviable pro-business environment, the Georgia Chamber remains mindful of its mission to keep the state economically prosperous, educationally competitive and environmentally responsible.