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Rincon arrests three for park damage
Vandals hit Macomber Park during holidays
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Three teenagers may have to cough up more than $6,000 after they were apprehended for vandalizing Rincon’s Macomber Park.

The incidents occurred over a three-day period during the Christmas and New Year’s holidays, according to Rincon authorities. Nine trashcans were beaten to pieces with a bat, resulting in $4,395 in damage. A cash register was smashed on the floor of the storage building, profanities were spray painted on the walls, a water fountain was beaten and another $1,000 in damage was done to pavilion lights and light fixtures.

The total — including damage done to signs — was $6,515.

“We’re asking for restitution,” Rincon Police Chief David Schofield said. “They tore up the place pretty bad.”

Rincon police arrested three juveniles and charged them with the crime. Because they are juveniles, their names are not being released.

But city officials hope these arrests and the ensuing punishments if they are found guilty will deter future incidents.