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County needs to look at light for Midland/Blue Jay
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Dear Editor,
I am a new Effingham County resident moving into the community for its many amenities such as the excellent school system and a safe and secure lifestyle I want my family to grow in.  

This past weekend my family was involved in an automobile accident at the intersection of Midland and Blue Jay roads. We knew that this was a dangerous intersection from talking to other members of the community and always follow the speed limit in that area. Unfortunately, there have been several accidents at this intersection with many of them causing deaths.

The changes to the speed limit seem to have lessened the damages but not to the extent necessary to make this intersection a safe road to travel. All five of the passengers in my daughter’s vehicle were badly bruised as well as my youngest daughter having surgery to remove her gall bladder and a three-day stay at the hospital for a lacerated liver.

With the amount of accidents at this intersection I feel the county should take action to make it a four-way stop or even better, place a signal light there. The other car involved in the accident stated that she thought the intersection was a four-way stop and ran the stop sign, hitting my family almost in the passenger side door.

Although the stop signs are clearly marked and the speed limit lowered to 35 mph there are still accidents at this intersection. In writing this I hope to get the attention of the community and the county leadership to take action and make the necessary change to this intersection that will help protect our community.

How many more injuries or deaths will it take?

Quent Mikeal