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Finally, theres some good news at the gas pump
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Dear Editor,

On a Sunday morning, on her way to work at Rue 21, my daughter stopped in at Gate to put gas in her truck. Unfamiliar with the gas pumps there, (her first time at age 16), she inadvertently left the pump “active” on her new debit card.

She found that someone had charged $124.68 in gas at that pump after she left, and BB&T had added an additional $175 in overlimit fees to her small account.

I immediately called Gate and spoke to the manager there. I started to tell him the problem and he stopped me. He knew that she was driving a white pickup truck, knew the situation and said that the man who filled up his truck and boat behind her was honest and came forward to the manager. He said her money was at the store for her to pick up.  

I was totally shocked. I wanted to call and thank the man personally, but they were not sure who he was. So we are thanking you here. I want you to know without a doubt just how much your honesty means to us.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Steve, Robin and Amanda Turcotte