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Tax burden too great on senior citizens
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Dear Editor,

Last year taxpayers received their assessment notices many of which reflected 10-20-30-40 and 50 percent increases, after which our legislator said they would pass legislation to curb increase. One was to limit increases of assessment to the cost of living increases. This will be voted on during the November election.

Gov. Perdue, if I remember, proposed eliminating the school tax for residents over 65 with a limited income. March 28, I questioned my representative, Jon Burns, why he did nothing similar to what the representative of Glynn County did to put on the ballot, in November a referendum to eliminate school tax for seniors over 65 with incomes less than $40,000.

When I questioned Mr. Burns, he said he did not support that because the county commissioners didn’t support it. Well, the five commissioners advised me that was not true. The school superintendent when asked about the measure, he was not for it. I know there are people who are over 65 and not affected adversely by the school tax, but what about the widow women who are put in a financial bind? So thanks to our representative, they failed to protect our most valuable Effingham citizens.

Arthur Rud Sr.