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Thanks for the memories
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Dear Editor,

As you may know, I have to retire because of many health problems. It was my pleasure to get to know you. I look forward to seeing you at different events. Especially at church, school activities and ball games. That is; if I am able to go to them.

Some of you know me as the daughter of Frank and Amelia Edwards, lifetime residents of Effingham County; the wife of Arthur Joe Proctor (son of Clifford and Etta Proctor from Clyo) for 37 years; and the mother of Joseph Proctor, David Proctor and Tammy P. Mincey. I am the grandmother of Josh Proctor, Matthew Proctor, Jason Proctor, Jordan Proctor, Andrew Proctor and Cody Mincey. I am the mother-in-law of Betty Jo “BJ” and Melissa Proctor. I am also the sister of the late Valarie Barber and Ollie Jane Dixon, also the sister of Frank B. and Dowell C. Edwards. All of these are from Rincon. I was known as “The Sticker Lady,” “The Picture Lady,” or the Wal-Mart lady greeter.

I have seen a lot of good people pass away, both young and old. They all had a special place in my heart and my life. When I see you surviving family members, I cherish you more. It is hard to lose a loved one. God has a reason for everything. He is in control of all of us. I love everyone of you; young and old and all nationalities or races. We are all the same. Live life to its fullness. Make the most of every day because who knows what tomorrow may bring. I always loved seeing each of you come into the store. Especially a few of my best school teachers: Ms. Elizabeth Albers, Ms. Gladys Kessler, Mr. Lowell Dasher, Mr. Winston Exley and Ms. Edna Morgan. They all still live here in Effingham County. If I missed talking to you coming into the store, I always tried to speak to you going out. If I made anyone mad, I am sorry. We have a lot of good folks that live here in our county. We have a lot of good folks that shop at our store. Thanks to everyone for speaking to me, giving me hugs and smiles, praying for me, and all the words of encouragement.

Nine out of 10 of the teenagers or young people would speak to me. Who says our young people are stuck up? I don’t think so. It has been a great pleasure watching all these young people grow up. Now some of these young folks have children of their own. I love and cherish each one of you. I still have and will always have my picture boards in my bedroom. (I bought the boards and tape on my own. Wal-Mart did not furnish anything.) That was my part in giving back to you. I love pictures and I love showing them off. I could feel bad and just look at my pictures and I would feel better. I look at them often and cherish them. Everyone of you will always have a special place in my heart and life.

Remember Philippians 4:13 (my favorite Bible verse): I can do all things through Christ who give me the strength.

I miss all of you. I love all of you. I always will. May God bless all of you.  

Bye my angels!

Marsha Proctor