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Brothers save for 5 years, surprise mom with BMW
No Caption - photo by Jessica Ivins
WOLLONGONG, Australia An Australian mother raised her boys to set goals and work hard, and that lesson paid off in an unexpected way when they surprised her with her dream car theyd saved up for years to buy.

Brothers Daniel and Jason Knust have wanted to buy their mom, Carol, a BMW 3 Series ever since she first mentioned she wanted one a decade ago. It would be the perfect way to thank her for the sacrifices shed made on their behalf, Daniel Knust told Today.

She brought us up on her own and worked two jobs for most of her life to keep my brother and me in school and give us everything we needed, he said. We watched her go from her full-time job on a Friday, come home, shower, go start another job and work the weekend at a restaurant.

About five years ago, the brothers were in a position to start putting money away for the car. Week by week, theyd save what they could, according to Today.

After five years of saving, Daniel and Jason were finally able to present their mom with the keys to the car of her dreams. Daniel posted a video of the surprise on his Instagram account, and its been viewed more than 2,800 times in just five days.

The video begins with the boys reminding her that shes always wanted a BMW, and then leading her to a garage where her new car sits, wrapped in a big red bow. A shocked Carol repeatedly says, No! No! You cant do this! as she tries to process what shes seeing.

Is that my car? she asks.

Thats your car! her sons respond.

Compared to the sacrifices she has made for us over the years, this is nothing, he wrote in the post. Hard work pays off, and thats something our Mum taught us from a very young age that well never forget.

A very merry Christmas for the Knust family, indeed.