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Have You Seen This? Freestyle unicycling will impress
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UNIVILLE Here on Have You Seen This? and around the Internet, videos of intense and sometimes random skills abound.

Some are a bit confusing if not entertaining, some seem too scary to even watch, and some are just flat-out impressive.

Todays video, featuring the freestyle skills of unicyclist Gene Chiu, falls equally into all three categories.

Its always a wonder when someone chooses a unicycle as their chosen skill, since we associate it with clowns and the absurd. But if you think about it, its easily argued that even staying on top of a traditional unicycle takes more skills than virtually any other type of wheeled contraption out there. So right there, unicyclists are a step above.

Then when see someone like Chiu add skateboard- and BMX-like tricks, things really kick up a notch. Chiu leaps up several stairs in one go, navigates stairs, leaps over large gaps and executes some fancy footwork. His strength and control leave a viewer no choice but to be impressed.

Kuma Films also has a 12.5-minute behind-the-scenes video that includes even more impressive skills from Chiu.