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Have You Seen This? The cutest directions youll ever get
What this sweet boy lack in knowledge, he makes up for with adorableness. - photo by Martha Ostergar
THE COUNTRY Giving or getting directions in the country is often a tricky business.

With stretches of road and driveways that can be miles long themselves, road names dont often help much. You have to rely on compass directions, a good sense of distance and landmarks.

If you dont know the language of landmarks in that area, and if you have a poor sense of direction, properly giving or understanding directions can truly be a language barrier.

Its hard to truly grasp how they work unless youve either lived in the country or have been deeply lost in the country. Like, no-cell-reception-so-no-GPS type lost. (Or, you know, you could also be one of those who were highly skilled at getting lost before in-the-palm GPS existed.)

Even if you havent been lost in the country, youll still enjoy the little country boy in this featured video who is doing his best to help you get to Bear Creek.

He certainly knows directions are important, and its obvious that hes heard many adults give directions. But a desire to help isnt always the key to helping, and if you followed this little guy's route, youd be hard-pressed to actually arrive in Bear Creek.

But this cherubic boy makes up for this with his pure adorableness. His sincere and earnest nature sure make you feel like you just might get to Bear Creek anyway. And yes, he even has a sweet, Southern drawl.