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Have You Seen This? Tot outshines New Orleans jazz band
Good buskers can make you stop in your tracks. Great buskers can inspire you to move to the music. Babies can still outshine them all. - photo by Martha Ostergar
BOURBON STREET If you havent ever been stopped in your tracks by a street busker, have you even lived?

I submit that you have not.

Personally, I think theres something special and inspiring about being spontaneously caught up in the talents of other humans. The spark of art blooming on the pavement or in a subway station can be an incredible boost to your day.

Heck, I even stop for highly choreographed and spit-shined buskers in Disneyland. Even that gives me a boost when Im already in The Happiest Place on Earth. (The Dapper Dans all day every day, am I right?)

Even if youre not a busker freak like I am, I have a good feeling that you will still love this video. It features a busking band called Where Ya at Brass Band in the jazziest place on earth, New Orleans.

While the band is amazing, the real star of the video is a towhead tot who jumps into the set with a bright blue slide whistle. Im telling you, this kids passion and moves almost make him blend right into the band.

He bounces along and dips his slide whistle with purpose. Its a perfect and adorable impersonation of a musician feeling his or her music. Also, I about laughed my face off when that kid starts swinging his hips about halfway through the video. I cant get over how into it he is.

It only goes to show you that good buskers can make you stop in your tracks, great buskers can inspire you to move to the music, but babies can still outshine them all.