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Lin-Manuel Miranda explains why you love Disneys cartoon theme songs
In an interview with Disney, Miranda spoke about his love for the show DuckTales, specifically the theme song. - photo by Herb Scribner
Lin-Manuel Miranda just revealed why you love Disneys cartoon theme songs so much.

In an interview with Disney, Miranda spoke about his love for Disney's old afternoon cartoons from the '80s and '90s, as well as the theme song from the show DuckTales." He said Disney programs hooked him all afternoon because of their key changes.

They all have two key changes each. Go home and check my work if you dont believe me, he said.

Watch the interview here, in which Miranda breaks down the lyrics for the classic theme songs for DuckTales, Chip 'n Dale and Darkwing Duck.

Miranda, who will voice Gizmoduck in the DuckTales revival show, broke down how the "DuckTales" theme song hooks people. He said the song's main phrase DuckTales! Woo-hoo! is fun to say on its own. But each time its pronounced, it becomes more dramatic each time, which hooks people.

Whats great about Mirandas analysis of the song is that he accurately points out that progressive key changes are kind of Disneys go-to when it comes to theme songs for TV, Gizmodo wrote about the interview. It isnt a coincidence that the melodies have burrowed and taken root deep in your mind its precisely how the House of Mouse designed them to be.

According to SyFire Wire, Mirandas analysis can be applied to current animated shows, such as Sophia the First.

Disney uses it as the pixie dust that makes todays kids keep singing the theme to 'Sophia the First' and other animated fantasies, the website wrote. ... Admit it, that just blew your mind a little.

Miranda will star in the revival of DuckTales, which launches Friday during Disney Channels Duck Week.

"I'm really excited that a new generation of kids will be growing up with DuckTales," Miranda said, according to BuzzFeed News. "As a huge fan of the original series, I love that I can share this new version with my sons."