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The Clean Cut: 3-year-old drumming prodigy stuns Russian audience
Drumming Prodigy
A three-year-old Russian boy, Lyonya Shilovsky, is stunning many online with his drumming abilities. - photo by YouTube screenshot

A 3-year-old Russian boy, Lyonya Shilovsky, is stunning hundreds of thousands with his drumming abilities.

In a YouTube video posted July 14, Lyonya performs Jacques Offenbach's "Orpheus in the Underworld" on the drums alongside an adult orchestra, the Daily Mail reported.

Throughout his performance, the audience clapped along with the toddler. Once finished, Lyonya took a bow, accepted a bouquet of flowers and skipped off the stage only to be welcomed back for more applause.

Lyonya also appeared on a Russian television show titled "Minute of Fame," a competition similar to "America's Got Talent."
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