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The Clean Cut: 'Kids Write to Future President'
In a segment on "Good Morning America," children across America share their hopes for the country with the future president. - photo by Noelle Baldwin
Now that the polls are closed and the winning candidates have been announced, children across America have written letters to the future president. In the letters the kids share their hopes for America and state what they would like the new president to accomplish while he is in office.

Good Morning America posted a video of children describing what they hope to see in the next four years. The kids, who range in age from 4 to 13, address issues of war, racism, gun control and even foreign relations. 13-year-old Simon hopes America will be able to remain a symbol of freedom around the world while 8-year-old Charlie asks for people to treat each other fairly.

Jules, who is 7, wants to keep the country and the world safe and to serve Chick-fil-A at school every Monday. Another girl congratulates Donald Trump on his new job and then asks that he spend the next four years finding a way to end homework.

Watch the video on YouTube here.