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Recall issued for some chicken bouillon products
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Commissioner of Agriculture Tommy Irvin is alerting Georgians to the recall of some imported chicken bouillon products.

Wei-Chuan USA, Inc., of Bell Gardens, Calif., is recalling approximately 89,531 pounds of granulated chicken bouillon products that were ineligible for import to the United States according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS).  

The products are being recalled because the chicken bouillon does not meet poultry products inspection or poultry exemption requirements. Specifically, it could not be determined that the poultry ingredients used in the bouillon products were prepared under inspection as required by federal regulations or under a foreign inspection system determined to be equivalent. The poultry ingredient is determined to be ineligible when the source of the ingredients cannot be determined.  

The problem was discovered after Customs and Border Protection notified FSIS of the ineligible imported products which originated from an unapproved source. The granulated chicken bouillon products were distributed to retail establishments in California, Illinois, New Jersey, Texas, Washington and Georgia. FSIS has received no reports of illness as a result of consuming this product.

The recalled products are:
• 1-pound cans of “WEI-CHUAN Granulated Chicken Bouillon.”
• 2.2-pound cans of “WEI-CHUAN Granulated Chicken Bouillon.”
• 5-pound plastic pouches of “WEI-CHUAN Granulated Chicken Bouillon.”

Georgia Department of Agriculture sanitarians will be checking for the recalled products during their inspections of grocery stores and food warehouses.

FSIS works with other federal agencies to ensure the safety of imported meat, poultry and processed egg products. The Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service issues import permits based on animal health considerations, specific to a country or region.

Customs and Border Protection provides oversight of all products entering the U.S.