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Augusta's Steiner looking to unseat Allen
Dan Steiner
Dan Steiner

RINCON — After standing on the edge of diving board for several years, Indiana native Dan Steiner has jumped into the federal political pool. The 68-year-old Augusta Democrat, a retired attorney, is running for the 12th Congressional District seat.

“I was involved in politics up in Indiana,” Steiner said during a Sept. 25 telephone interview. “I was elected one time as a prosecuting attorney in my home county and I ran other times without winning. I’ve been involved as a county (party) chairman so I’ve been involved in politics quite a bit for many years.”

Steiner moved to Georgia on May 1, 2017, to be closer to his family and “to enjoy warmer winters.” He considers his political views “moderate.”

“I’ve considered running for Congress at different times,” he said. “I consider this a good time because of issues such as taxation and health care that I think are important, and I felt like I could be someone who could represent a majority of the people.”

Steiner thinks America’s tax burden benefits large corporations and the wealthy.

“I would like the system to benefit the average person ...” he said.

Steiner believes health care should be available and affordable for everyone but he is against “Medicare for all” as touted by several Democrat presidential candidates.

“The law, as it is now, should be redone and enacted, again, so that is beneficial to the average person,” he said.

Steiner said he thinks Rep. Rick Allen, the District 12 incumbent, is in lockstep with the views of President Donald Trump.

“I feel like he should be more inclined toward the common people of our district and not necessarily with the president all the time,” Steiner said.

Steiner knows he faces an uphill climb against Allen but his travels across the district have encouraged him.

“I know he will be well funded but I get the feeling that people would be willing to make a change,” Steiner said.

A former Kiwanian, Steiner earned his bachelor’s degree from the University of Indiana at Evansville and his law degree from John Marshall Law School in Chicago.

“I am a very active person who is willing to do what it takes in the district and D.C. to help people, to listen to their voice and try to do what I can to make life better for them,” he said. “I am very serious about this and I certainly would take it as full-time thing and spend a lot of time working in the district on times off and work hard in Washington, D.C. I will listen to anyone willing to talk with me.”

Steiner will visit Effingham County on Oct, 17. Advanced details will be published in the Effingham Herald.