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City finishes cleanup from storms
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Rincon firefighters, public works crews and residents were busy Sunday night and Monday cleaning up the debris and the damage from a sudden, powerful storm that swept through the area Sunday afternoon.

Rincon Fire Chief Corey Rahn said eight trees were downed in the Reese Pines subdivision, and city firefighting crews also removed four trees outside the city limits along Long Pond Road. There was also a tree knocked down on East 9th Street and three more uprooted on Ackerman Road.

The storm also caused damage at Stonewalk neighborhood and caused a tree to fall on a house and another tree to fall on a car at The Abbey subdivision.

“It was straight line winds,” he said. “The storm hit Reese Pines hard. It blew sheds down. It took half of the white privacy fence along Fort Howard Road down. It blew off the tops of several trees.”

The storm also knocked down a large oak tree, felling it across Long Bridge Road near its span over the Ebenezer Creek.

“I want to think the police department, the fire department and public works,” said city councilman Scott Morgan. “That was handled very quickly.”