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Delivery drivers mistaken for 'porch pirates'
UPS and FedEx workers in U-Haul trucks might have to work well into the night Christmas Eve.

RINCON — Holiday cheer has been replaced by holiday fear for some local delivery drivers.

According to Amazon deliver service provider Valerie Nessmith, UPS and FedEx drivers are being confused with"porch pirates," thieves who steal packages after they are dropped off at homes. This has happened twice recently in the area.

Many delivery drivers are using U-Haul trucks or personal vehicles instead of trucks sporting  familiar company markings. They are likely to continue to do so into the night on Christmas Eve in order to meet demand.

"We will run as late as we have to," Nessmith said. "Our guys have one hundred percent outload, which means they can't bring any packages back to our warehouse on Christmas Eve. ... We want to be sure that, even if they ordered something last minute, they will get their Christmas gifts for their kids."