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Police chief asks Rincon City Council to reconsider mileage limit

RINCON — Rincon’s police chief is chasing good guys for a change and he has asked for help him catch them.

During a Feb. 18 Rincon City Council workshop, Chief Mark Gerbino said some highly qualified officers want to work for the Rincon Police Department department but are reluctant because of a city ordinance that is worthy of consideration for a change.

“... The long and the short of it is that the chief is trying to do everything possible to attract the most talented people to come to Rincon and we have a 15-mile limit,” City Manager John Klimm said. “If you own a home 16 miles from here, you cannot access the benefits of a (police vehicle). Maybe we want to keep that. Maybe there is some logic in that.

“The chief just wanted to articulate that we have one officer who lives outside (the limit) that is looking elsewhere (for a job) and that would be a shame, and we have two excellent recruits who are outside the 15-mile limit.”

One of the recruits lives about 20 miles from the Rincon, Klimm said. The other lives on Wilmington Island, which is about 32 miles away.

Klimm said other nearby law enforcement agencies have no mileage limits or allow officers from adjoining counties to take police vehicles home. 

Gerbino and the council discussed  several options but no consensus was reached. The chief told the council he would research the issue further and present his findings at a later date. He currently has four vacancies in his department.

“... The chief is just trying to get the best possible people for the job,” Klimm said.

Gerbino also requested that the City of Rincon purchase three license plate readers at a cost of $43,700. The one it currently has isn’t functioning properly, he said. 

Council members agreed that the machines are excellent crimefighting weapons. They will vote on the request at a later date.