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Rincon Bobcats celebrate 34th May Day

Rincon Elementary School hosted the 34th annual May Day on Friday morning with a crowd of hundreds watching.

As a part of May Day, each grade level at the school performs a dance routine to a selection of music that correlates with their theme.

This year, the themes were as colorful, fun and “cool” as ever.

The pre-K students, dressed in shower caps and holding loofahs, performed their routine to the “Splish, Splash” by Bobby Darin.

Next up were the kindergarten students, who were clad in flapper dresses and bowties. Their routine was performed with accompanying swing/jazz music.

The first graders followed with a tropical trip to Hawaii as they were adorned with leis, hula skirts and sunglasses. Their routine was performed to “Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride.”

The second grade students went for the most current celebratory theme: Cinco de Mayo. Wearing sombreros and panchos, the students did a dance number to salsa music before leading parents, teachers and fellow students with the “Chicken Dance.”

The third grade students took it back to the 50’s with their routine as they danced to Elvis Presley’s “Hound Dog” while wearing poodle skirts, white T-shirts, blue jeans and sunglasses.

Sticking to their roots moreso than the other grade levels, the fourth graders put on their boots, cowboy hats and Wranglers as they performed their routine to “Cotton-Eyed Joe”.

Finally, the fifth graders completed the May Day festivities by dancing around the May Pole.

Prior to the dance routines by the students, each grade level had their Princes and Princesses walk with each other around the grounds before the announcing of the May King and Queen.

Representing the kindergarten class were Princess Trinity Young and Prince Baker Epton (Allread’s class), Princess Ryleigh Reed and Prince Evan Huntley (Fort’s class), Princess Denise Barnwell and Prince Jordan Williams (Glenn’s class), Princess Destin’i Brown and Prince Kingston Curry (Johnson’s class), Princess Savannah Pennington and Prince Alex Chiariello (McLaurin’s class) and Princess Maci Berry and Prince Chase Biggans (Thomas’ class).

 Representing the first grade class were Princess Sophia Rahn and Prince Connor Olson (Anderson’s class), Princess Raziyah Pinckney and Prince Colby Purvis (Autry’s class), Princess Kylee Morehouse and Prince Edwards Boughner (Fessler’s class), Princess Macie Thomas and Prince Bradley Foote (Mock’s class), Princess Norah Ball and Prince Cai Dent (Parker’s class) and Princess Isabelle Rahn and Prince Ty Smith (Welch’s class).

Representing the second grade class were Princess Landon Denning and Prince Andi Cordero-Meza (Hiers’ class), Princess Patyn Covington and Prince Jamir Williams (Kemp’s class), Princess Brooke Hopman and Prince Kristopher Swinney (Royston’s class), Princess Hailey Garibo Pulido and Prince Garrett Helmly (Turner’s class) and Princess Avery Edwards and Prince Peyton Wendelken (Woodward’s class).

Representing the third grade class were Princess Lily Walters and Prince Dylan Mirucki (Bearden’s class), Princess Sophia Nunez and Prince Devaughn Jones (Huntley’s class), Princess Valeria Reyes-Garcia and Prince Sean Etzle (Reed’s class), Princess Claire Forester and Prince Dalton Crosby (Vickery’s class) and Princess Jayla Kendrick and Prince Tyler Corey (Wright’s class).

Representing the fourth grade class were Princess Lilly Hoffman and Prince Coen Thompson (Brown’s class), Princess Kaitlyn Foote and Prince Sam Giordano (Dickey’s class), Princess Olivia Morgan and Prince Zander Martin (Lee’s class) and Princess Ava Braddock and Prince Joshua Cross (Reed’s class).

Representing the fifth grade class were Princess Ashlynn Stewart and Prince Tyrone Armstrong (Booth’s class), Princess Akenyon Wallace and Princess Laura Gunn (Howell’s class), Princess Rylee Corey and Prince Hayden Eason (Kessler’s class), Princess Gabrielle Platt and Prince Jayden Evans (Potter’s class) and Princess Serenity Fordham and Prince London Glass (Rohan’s class).

Representing the Pre-K class were Flower Girl Ella Grace Tebeau and Crown Bearer Max Lynn (Whitaker’s class), Flower Girl La’Niyah Morgan and Crown Bearer Leo Escobar (Perry’s class), Flower Girl Lyllo Ashburn and Crown Bearer Michael Cohens (Posey’s class) and Flower Girl Kinsley Clayton and Crown Bearer Colton Wendelken (Tyler’s class).

The May Day Queen was Logan Vining, the Lady in Waiting was Diana Perez and the Maid of Honor was Aubrey Lugo.