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Bond package tops $810 million
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An important part of the governor’s budget plan released last week was the $813.4 million bond package. The governor’s bond package will largely be spent on K-12 and higher education projects, and renovations and upgrades for existing programs. The state will pay $72.9 million in debt service (6.7 percent of prior year net treasury receipts) for FY 2014.

Below are some of the highlights of the governor’s bond package:
• $237.8 in bonds for K-12 education facilities including $25 million for the purchasing of new school buses statewide.
• $193 million for the University System of Georgia, including funding for a new Cancer Research Building for Georgia Regents University, a new law school and humanities facility for Georgia State, as well as $10 million for the Health Center at Georgia Southern University.
• $57.9 million for the Technical College System of Georgia, which includes $28 million in new facilities for Altamaha Tech in Brunswick and Camden County.
• $50 million to the Ports Authority for the deepening of the Savannah Harbor.
$26.5 million to the Department of Natural Resources for facility upgrades as well as the acquisition of new lands for wildlife management.
• $10.7 million to the Juvenile Justice Department for the improvement of current facilities and new units at various YDCs.
• $25.2 million for reservoir projects through the Department of Community Affairs and Georgia Environmental Finance Authority.
The House and Senate will be adding $50 million each to complete the bond package.

Passed the Senate and in the House
HB 55 - Allows warrants issued for wire taps and pen registers to apply statewide, instead of only in the jurisdiction of the judge who authorized the warrant.  Passed the House with a vote of 164-1.

Bills introducted in the Senate in the first two weeks
SB 10 - Requires continued testing of the competency of nurses to maintain their license.
SB 60 - Requires all communications between officials, employees, and members of the General Assembly to be sent electronically. This creates a record of all communications, and all communications can also be reproduced on paper.
SB 67 - Requires the Department of Revenue to publish its receipts from the state sales and use tax on their website every month.
SB 74 - Allows people between the ages of 18 and 21 to obtain a firearm carry permit if they have previous military or coast guard training.
SB 81 - Shortens the ginseng harvesting from August 15 to December 31 to September 1 through December 31.
SB 84 - Prohibits those who have been convicted of sexual crimes or crimes against minors from obtaining a class P or S driver’s license in the state of Georgia.
SB 85 - Expands the ability of pharmacists and nurses to administer vaccines in addition to the influenza vaccine.
• SB 86 - Provides greater protection to victims of family violence, by allowing police officers to intervene on the behalf of victims if they have probable cause to believe someone is violating a family violence order.
SR 72 - Creates the Fair Tax study committee to study if the Fair Tax is an appropriate alternative to Georgia’s current tax code.

Resolutions by 4th District
SR 52 - Recognizes Dr. James E. “Jim” Strickland for being honored with the Georgia Farm Bureau’s highest honor to a volunteer for his continued impact on agriculture.
SR 53 - Resolution honoring the life of George G. Allen of Effingham County.
SR 68 - Resolution honoring the life of Rachel Fowler, former activist for the Georgia Garden Club.
SR 76 - Resolution honoring the life of Ira S. Womble of Evans County, who was the youngest person to serve in the Georgia National Guard since the Civil War.
SR 117 - Resolution honoring the life and memory of James Tobe Free of Emanuel County.

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