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Elections and economic growth in Georgia
Jon Burns Web
Jon Burns


In the last few days, an exciting announcement about economic opportunity in our region of Georgia came from the Governor’s office that I’d like to share with you. 

Jobs and Investment in Southeast Georgia

Last week, Governor Kemp made an announcement about a $5.54 billion investment at the Mega site in Bryan County, just next door to the 159th District. 

Hyundai Motor Group will be opening a dedicated electric vehicle and battery manufacturing plant at a location adjacent to I-16 and convenient to many of my constituents. 

The 8,100 new jobs created by Hyundai and its suppliers and contractors reflect what you and I have long known about Georgia. 

Despite what some Liberal politicians say, Georgia is the best state in the country in which to live, work, and do business — and projects like this show that even if Stacey Abrams doesn’t realize that, businesses like Hyundai do. 

Capable of producing over 300,000 cars a year by 2025, this new factory will take full advantage of Georgia’s growing port facilities. 

The Port of Brunswick is one of the largest roll-on/roll-off ports for vehicle shipping on the east coast and is expected to grow from a 900,000 vehicle annual capacity to over 1,000,000 in the next few years. 

And of course, the Port of Savannah will continue to be instrumental in linking Georgia to the world and providing parts and raw materials for this new facility. 

Election Season

As election season ramps up, voters in District 159 and across the state are hearing from primary and general election candidates online, by mail, and on TV and the radio. 

I know this can be frustrating for those of us who’d like to just be able to listen to a ballgame on the radio or open a birthday card from a long-lost friend. 

I’d just like to take a moment to remind you how lucky we are in this country to have the opportunity to choose our leaders through an election process that we in the legislature have ensured will be open and transparent.

Always remember that should you have questions, comments, or concerns about economic opportunities, elections, or anything else affecting District 159 and our region of Georgia, you can always reach out to me at (404.656.5052), email, or engage on Facebook. If you would like to receive email updates, please visit my website to sign up for my newsletter or email me.

Jon Burns represents District 159 in the Georgia General Assembly, where he serves as the House majority leader.