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Its the new F word
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Fail! (Seriously...who didn’t see that one coming?)

Michelle Obama and Jill Biden at a NASCAR race.


South Korean law maker getting doused with a fire extinguisher.

Fail! (but funny!)

OWS protesters.


Jerry Sandusky.

Fail! (don’t even get me started on this one...he ought to get the death penalty. Quickly.)

Football coaching staff at Penn State. (Sorry bunch of ...)


Sarah Palin. (Why is she still around?)


Al Gore. (Need I say more?)


President Obama.

Please. Fail! in a major way.

I could make this whole column about people who fail in a big way but...what? You want me to continue?

Oh, OK.

Joy Behar.

Fail! (her show’s been cancelled)

Rosie O’Donnell

Fail! (enough already!)


Fail! (I thought she’d retired ... another TV show cancelled)

Chris Matthews.

Fail! (turning his back on his beloved Obama)

The woman who told me that she thinks Obama is a wonderful President for all the things he has tried to accomplish (specifically citing health care reform).


The report that said Fox viewers, when asked, know little about anything, particularly politics.

Fail! (Anything, yet again, to detract from Fox News. Ask the OWS what they know, they can’t even tell you who Jill Biden is - see aforementioned ‘Fail’).

Oscar Ramiro Ortega-Hernandez.

Fail! (Just look him up ... he’s a loser. Looks like an OWS type ... anyone with half a brain knows you don’t take pot shots at the White House, nor do you go around telling people that the President is the anti-Christ ... and should die...)

Kobe Bryant.

Fail! (just lost a big fat paycheck when Power Balance lost its power after it was called out to prove its claims ... see below)

Power Balance.

Fail! (those plastic bracelets that are supposed to improve strength, flexibility and balance ... can’t prove it so they got shut down by the Aussie government. What? No flexibility? Awww. Dang...)

Sean Quinn.

Fail! (he was once Ireland’s richest man. He’s now ordered to pay back bank loans of $580 million, with another $2.15 billion in loans being called in. He declared bankruptcy two weeks ago in Northern Ireland, but his debts are in the Republic of Ireland. If he wins, he can be back in business in a year in Northern Ireland, but he’d have to wait 12 years in the Republic. Aye, Mr. Quinn. The debbil’s in yer carner...)

Obama laying blame on the Republicans for the Supercommittee failure.


Come on, dude. Really?

Congress debating to cut back on military spending.

Fail! (You’ll be sorry!)

Shutting down our space program.

Fail! (Sad, that.)

The state of California.

Huge Fail! (In general because the state is billions in debt, but now the Dream Act is going before a vote. It allows undocumented — that means illegal — students who graduated from California high schools and meet other requirements to receive taxpayer aid to attend UC Cal State and community colleges)

Forbes magazine.

Fail! (named Joaquin ‘El Chapo’ Guzman as one of the World’s Most Powerful People. He is the leader of the Sinaloa drug cartel and the US has a bounty on him for $5 million.)

Occupy Los Angeles.

Fail! (Way fail! They are just steps away from the L.A. Mall and merchants have had it up to their eyeballs with these morons. One dry cleaner has had his business suffer when nearby government facilities had layoffs, but the occupiers wanted him to clean as many as 30 sleeping bags for free. He told them “No.”  The occupiers are asking for free food from merchants and for money from shoppers. Hmm. How different is that from the homeless who wander the streets there?)

People who don’t think electric cars leave a carbon footprint.

Come on. Fail!

And my final “Fail!”...

Putting the turkey in to roast, and forgetting to turn on the oven.

At least the mashed potatoes were hot!