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Candidate does indeed back superintendent
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Dear Editor,

It is unfortunate that today’s media promotes a forum that allows unnamed authors to spread rumors and stir up unnecessary emotions. Such was the case last week when someone took the liberty to use my name to wrongly suggest that Mr. Shearouse did not have enough experience and that I would like to see him replaced. Let the record be clear, I support Mr. Shearouse and intend to do so as a board member, if elected.  

Through the many difficult situations that a growing school system must face, Mr. Shearouse has proven to be a leader that is willing to work long hours to meet the demands of parents, teachers, and other community leaders. I think Mr. Shearouse is exactly the type of leader that I want for our community. He is committed to Effingham County (as shown through his volunteer work outside of the school setting…Water/Sewer Panel, Chamber of Commerce, Sunrise Rotary). I believe this is the type of leader we are looking for in our schools. I appreciate all of you who contacted me directly to inquire about the comment.  Most of you stated that you knew me well enough to know that I would not make such a statement.

I will use this opportunity to point everyone to to view the information and issues that are important to me. For all of you in the 2nd District, I would greatly appreciate your vote on Nov. 4 (and that vote will be in support of Mr. Shearouse).

Talbert Edenfield