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City does citizens no favor turning down concert
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Dear Editor,

My goodness, how short sited can our council members be.  Do deny a special permit for an outdoor benefit concert?  Why?  Because it’s Molly Hatchett is a mix of heavy metal and Southern rock?  
If the concerns are for security then make Dakota’s pay for extra off duty police. You can bet the farm that if it was Billy Currington, they would not have hesitated.
The city council seems to repeatedly block attempts to expand the horizons of our citizens. First, we vote in alcohol sales for restaurants then the council does everything possible to block them. Now this?  
Look around Rincon. Who has a bowling alley and game center? Pooler. Who is getting a new theater? Pooler. Who is getting a new Publix? Pooler.
If Rincon does not wake up we are going to stay a little no name town, with ever increasing taxes for the homeowner.  
Don’t get me wrong, I am all for controlled growth. Too much, too fast is never good.  But we need to grow to stay competitive in the state. We
have great schools and that brings a lot a lot of folks to Effingham County. Though, as soon as those children are grown, most people move closer to places that offer more in the way of amenities and services for both adults and children 8-18.  
Also, more people are looking to the outlying county for homes and not Rincon. How much money does Rincon loose to surrounding communities as people go in search of entertainment and shopping?  
The answer does not lie in making us an industrial city either.Businesses like Efacec and Flint River are desperately needed but it would seem that as more property is voted I-9 by our council members, the more industrial we will become. Soon the smell of carcinogenics will fill our air.  
Council needs to take a close look at our county and city and ask what its citizens want for the future. I will defiantly be voting this year, maybe it is one vote but that one vote matters. I intend to vote against the current good ol’ boys and gals.

Kathy Fraser-Schaudt