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Hospital provides big-city care with a feel of home
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Dear Editor,

Recently, my wife was a patient at Effingham Hospital, and I would like to let you know that this area has a real treasure in its midst.

It dawned on me while she was there, about the third day, that this experience was  “big-city care — with the feel of home.”

She had a total knee replacement and it couldn’t have been any better if she were in Savannah, Macon or Atlanta.

Dr. Mark Mudano is an orthopaedic surgeon with fellowship training in knee and ligament replacement. The operating room has the very latest equipment, very high-tech and well-trained people.

My wife is 76 years old, and she handled the surgery quite well.

She was up and receiving physical therapy from the first day after surgery from the very qualified therapist. The nurses smile more than any hospital we’ve been in and perform their duties quite well; they just couldn’t do any more for you.

Of course, all this starts from the top — we met the CEO, Norma Jean Morgan, and found out why this hospital and nursing home are so highly regarded. She is one of the most experienced administrators in the state of Georgia.

I thought you would appreciate knowing what a fine facility you have in the area.

Sam and Yvonne Mudano