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Mosley and Hinson are good choices
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Dear Editor,

I have known Beth Rahn Mosley since she was born. You would not want to meet a more trust worthy young woman. We used to go to church together, we are in Garden Club together and since we are cousins, a lot of family functions. She has the personality that we would like in a probate judge. She is sensitive, kind and friendly and would be an asset to Effingham County.

I would also like to mention what a fine young man Scott Hinson is. We do go to church together and I have known him for quite a few years. Scott is running for chief magistrate.

You have a chance to vote for this young woman and young man on Dec. 2. A vote for them will be a plus for Effingham County.

You also have the chance to vote early at the registrar’s office in Springfield from Nov. 24-26. You can pick up an absentee ballot, but it has to be picked up in the mail on Dec. 2. So make your vote count and let’s vote Beth and Scott in.

Lynette Rahn Jones