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McKinney will give the right leadership in Congress
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Now is the time for a candidate to step forward and provide the representation and the leadership we need in the 12th Congressional District. I believe that Ray McKinney is that candidate.  
We need common sense conservative leadership in Washington, D.C. that believes in the U.S. Constitution and stands upon the principles laid forth by our nation’s founding fathers. We need leadership that can communicate a clear vision for America without compromising principles or moral absolutes. We need elected leaders that are responsive to our request and responsible with our tax dollars.
Ray has a plan for creating an economic climate that will encourage job growth by halting any proposed regulations that negatively impacts small businesses, putting a stop to tax increases that kill job creation, reduce domestic spending, reform the unemployment system, and remove barriers to domestic energy development. Ray has a background in energy production and wants to work towards finding real solutions to our nation’s energy needs. He supports domestic oil exploration, drilling in America’s known oil reserves, building new refineries, and continued research and development of alternative fuels. 
Ray is committed to keeping taxes low and will fight to make tax cuts permanent. Along with reducing taxes Ray will protect our Second Amendment rights as well as protecting the rights of the unborn and elderly. He is a strong supporter of our men and women in uniform and believes in a strong national defense. Ray also understands the strain illegal immigration places on our economy and believes we must secure our borders and enforce our current immigration laws.
Ray has proven himself as an effective grassroots leader, a champion of our conservative values and a student of the U.S. Constitution. Please join me in helping to elect Ray McKinney in November so he can represent us as our next United States Congressman in District 12.
Michael S. King