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Something to watch
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I decided it was time to hit the movie theatre to catch some fluff for a couple of hours.

This week at the cheap seats it was “Paul Blart — Mall Cop.” Good enough. For a buck-fifty each, I could do that.

My favorite part was watching him pour a pixie stix down his gullet to quell his hypoglycemia.

I’ve been there, baby … I’ve been there.

It was nice that I could take Sunnybuns with me (as it was his idea anyway) and not have to worry about covering his eyes or ears. Good clean fun.

I was put in “movie mode” last night as the sun started to set and I realized “Seinfeld” wasn’t coming on. Luckily I have “On Demand” (ooo! free movies!), so I started putting that remote to good use.

I clicked on TCM and watched “Born Yesterday,” mainly cause no matter what movie it is, if it’s got William Holden in it, I’m watching.

I know I’ve seen this movie a couple of times over the years, but I never really paid a lot of attention to it. I have to say I didn’t realize just how good it really is.

The premise of the movie is about a gal named “Billie” — a former gum-snappin’ chorus girl, who is hooked up with an aggressive wheeler dealer thug called Harry. The thug and his attorney are trying to work a scheme with a Congressman, but they need for Billie to find a hobby, so they pull in our pal, William Holden, to play babysitter. Holden plays Paul Varrell, who is a journalist.

In their first official meeting, Paul tells Billie she needs to start reading books and newspapers, and asks what, if anything, she knows about Washington, D.C.

“Nut’in’,” she replies.

So he takes her all over DC and she starts to learn about how our country was founded, all the important players, all the wranglings that have been going on since our country was founded, and the light slowly starts to come on under her platinum blonde hair.

She gets “smaht,” realizing all the crooked dealings her sweet loveable thug has been up to, and how he’s used her at every turn.

He treats her terribly, but she manages to get her sweet revenge.

What astounded me is just how very little has changed about politics over the last nearly 60 years since that film was made.

I highly recommend this movie to everyone, because the parallels between then and now, in particular now, are mindboggling.

The question William Holden keeps asking is, “Who is running this country? The government or the people?”

There were some good lines in the movie too, as when Billie hollered at The Thug that he was a big Fascist.

He later complains to his attorney, “That ain’t fair, Jim. She knows I grew up in New Jersey.”

Really good movie.

Now, another movie that I need to watch again is “Dave” with Kevin Kline and Sigourney Weaver. I think it came out in 1987.

The interesting thing about this movie is the way it was marketed.

“In a country where anybody can become President, Anybody just did…”.

Great marketing line.

In just watching some of the clips of that movie online, you could easily insert the Obamas into the Kevin Kline and Sigourney Weaver roles … and … well … it’s just …kinda scary, actually. Think about it … Anybody did become president. Who really knew who the heck Barack Obama was two years ago? Just some goofy-lookin’ senator from Illinois with a not-so-American sounding name. If his name had been spelled O’Bama, he may have gotten a totally different reaction.

And speaking of reaction, how about the Muslims and Jews reacting to the term “swine flu?” They have urged for a name change to “Mexican Flu.” As if that wouldn’t upset the Mexicans. I mean, they’ve already got the Mexican Two-Step and Montezuma’s Revenge, why tag them with yet another malady?

The swine flu is what it is because its been traced to pigs. They aren’t calling it the Muslim Flu or the Jewish Flu, it’s simply The Swine Flu. It could be called “The Baconator,” but I believe Wendy’s has already got that one on its menu.

I’m sure that it would be globally accepted if it was referred to as “The Flu That America Created to Kill Off the Rest of the World Because No One Agrees With Their Politics.”


Kinda has a nice ring to it, don’t it?

If they’d just sit down with a big bag of popcorn and watch something like …oh, I don’t know, “Young Frankenstein,” they’d forget about it and maybe have a little fun.