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St. Boniface hosts community potluck celebration
Clergy picture January 2008
Back row: Reader John Eller, Pastor David Hendrix, Fr. Wes Lamb and Brother Job (Roden) Front row: Fr. Deacon Vassily Kocher, Fr. James (Bohlman) and Pastor Joe Copeck - photo by Photo submitted

St. Boniface opened its doors to all Christians in Effingham County, inviting them to join them in celebrating those things that bind us together as believers in Christ.

The potluck supper, sponsored by the Parish Life Committee, was a thrilling success. St. Boniface Hall was filled to capacity with tables laden with food prepared by those who attended as well as tables surrounded by parishioners and guests who enjoyed a delicious meal and friendly conversation.

Fr. Wes Lamb estimated a crowd of more than 250, with guests representing local Orthodox, Lutheran, Methodist, Baptist and Assembly of God churches.

Fr. Lamb hopes that this first-ever gathering will become an annual event in Effingham County.

St. Boniface hopes the good will displayed at this casual dinner will foster further dialogue and deeper understanding within the entire Christian community here.