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Nita Arnsdorff
4.22 nita arnsdorff
In Loving Memory
of Nita Arnsdorff
May 16, 1957-April 22, 1998

Like A Dove
Sometimes there was strife between us.
Sure, we didn’t always get along-
but no matter how much we fussed,
I was never alone.
Even if it was seldom spoken,
beyond the words, there was always love.
Today I am all alone and my heart is broken,
because you’ve flown away like a dove.

The world dealt you a sorry hand,
but you never faltered under the strain.
Though I would have ran,
you had the strength to face the pain.
Even when you lost the desire,
with determination you held your own.
Your courage that I so deeply admired-
is what always helps me carry on.
What you possessed is so rare,
and only truly understood by the man above.
He knew you’d had all you could bear-
as you flew away like a dove.

I wanted so deeply to hold on to you,
but you taught me sometimes we must let go.
My heart just didn’t want to admit what was true-
that you would never come back with the same glow.
I wrested with my regrets and fears-
I’d never said some things I should,
but the decision was clear.
I’d done all I could.
We only have one life to live
and we must do what we can for those we love.
So I gave you the last ultimate gift I could give-
releasing you to fly away like a dove.

I love and miss you Mama. Life just hasn’t been the same without you.

Brandi L. Fort