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Remembering Lebanon School
Ech 3-20-19 Lebanon School.jpg
Lebanon School in about 1928

Some who attended the school were Lanier Edwards, Warren McCall, Otto Mercer and D. D. Burns.

The following account was written by James and Elmina McCall and published in the Bicentennial “History of Effingham County” in 1976.

The Lebanon School was located on some property purchased by Tom Fox near the present Corinth Baptist Church in north Effingham County.  No one remembers who gave the property but the building was built by the people of the community. It was about 24 feet wide by 35 feet long. It had one window on the back, two on each side and two windows and a door on the front.

The desks were built by each family who had children in the school. Usually the children in a family sat at the desk the family built.  Average attendance was about 30 pupils. The school term lasted four months each year. The school teacher lived a week or two with each family. The families helped pay the teacher’s salary. At one time in the 1800s there was no school for two years. Grades one through six was taught and children used slates to write on.

Two trustees of the school were James Anthony Edwards and George Bevill. Some of the teachers were: Kate Ambrose, Nora Morgan, Olive Jones, Johnnie Bowen, Bertha Christian, Lucille Poythress, Jesse Coursey and Joshie Farmer.

A new building was built about 1919, the same name but a new location, a mile or so from the first. The land was given by Dan Edwards. The building was much the same but they added a stage and front porch. 

About the time that the county began to pay the teachers, grade seven was added.

Some of the trustees were: Warren McCall, Otto Mercer, and D. D. Burns. Mr. Burns was one of the trustees when the school consolidated with Clyo.

One of the students of Lebanon School was Stephen Wilson, who later owned Oaky Farms. Stephen became a lawyer and practiced in New York City for a number of years.

Some teachers in the second school were: Sally Lucas, Rosa Bell Webb, Heloise Johnson, Ruth Gnann and Christine Mingledorff who was the last teacher before consolidation. 

This was compiled by Susan Exley from Historic Effingham Society. If you have photos or historical information to share contact her at 912-754-6681 or email