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Rincon United Methodist Church to welcome orchestra

CEO Virginia Patterson and Music Director/Conductor Charles Patterson have announced that the Effingham Community Orchestra will present its next free concert Sept. 15 at 3 p.m. at Rincon United Methodist Church, 107 Savannah Ave., Rincon.

Charles Patterson spoke enthusiastically about the music to be performed. He stated that the orchestra presents four or five concerts annually. One is designated as the “favorites” concert and the Sept. 15 event fills that bill.

 Orchestra members and Charles Patterson voted to play music from “The Pirates of the Caribbean.” “The Pirates of the Caribbean” represents five “swashbuckling” movies  produced by the Disney Company.

  Charles Patterson described the entire program as having popular and classical elements. 

Virginia Patterson  commented that she is extremely appreciative of the members of Rincon United Methodist Church for the use of their facilities and that they will have a love collection on behalf of the orchestra.

She added that the musicians are excited about playing at a new venue.