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Vietnam vets invited to Sunday Gold Star event
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An open invitation has been issued to all Vietnam veterans and their spouses to a reception for the families of Vietnam servicemen who were killed in action. The event will be Jan. 20, at 3 p.m. at the American Legion in Springfield. The event is hosted by the American Legion Post 209 and the Board of the Veterans Park.

At the reception, each family member of those who were killed in action in Vietnam will presented with a special “Gold Star Certificate” recognizing the loss of their loved one and the family’s sacrifice. This is a follow-up of the presentations on Veterans Day when a sudden downpour interrupted the presentation ceremony and some of the certificates were damaged by the rain.

“It is representative of the extent to which the Department of Defense office for the ‘50th Anniversary Commemoration of Vietnam War’ will go to assure that all family members receive these special certificates in their proper and original condition,” said a Veterans Park spokesperson. “We appreciate the ongoing efforts by Gen. (Claude) Kicklighter to assure this for our Effingham County citizens. We are also pleased that this can also be an event to honor all Vietnam vets."

“It is always our effort to not only serve the veterans but also to have an opportunity for them to be recognized as the guardians of our freedom,” said  a Legion spokesman. “This event for Vietnam veterans is important because these vets came home to a nation that did not honor them. This is an opportunity for Effingham County to pay the respect and express our appreciation for their service.”