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Heavy trucks damaging our roads
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Dear Editor,

As a resident of McCall Road, I am becoming very concerned about the heavy dump truck traffic on McCall and Courthouse roads.  

These roads (which incidentally have posted vehicle weight limits) are beginning to show the damage caused by the seemingly endless procession of these dirt-laden trucks. I don’t know where they go once they turn onto Highway 21 from McCall, but I do know that in the opposite direction, they all seem to end up on a job site next door to the county landfill. I know this because I followed a few of them one day in order to confirm my suspicions that many were exceeding the posted speed limits.  

I found that, on average, the six trucks I followed were traveling at speeds in the mid-60s in 55 mph zones. Once crossing over Blue Jay Road onto the other section of McCall, average speeds varied from the low-60s to mid-60s, even though the speed limit is reduced to 45 mph on this section of McCall. To be fair, I’m sure not all trucks exceed the posted limit, but the six trucks I followed surely did.

And let us pause for a moment to think of those unfortunate souls who live next door to this project. I noticed that their properties are being literally covered in the dust created by the movement of this dirt. This couldn’t possibly have been their dream when they established residence there.

Please understand that I’m not against progress. I am, however, against irresponsible progress.

When this project is complete, who do we see about the millions of dollars that will be needed to repair Courthouse and McCall roads? Who do we see about those whose peaceful enjoyment of their property was destroyed?

I’m willing to wager that it won’t be these dirt-hauling companies. They’ll be long gone. Unfortunately for us, the costs will just be arriving.

Frank McGee