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5 reasons getting outside everyday is beneficial
Walking on Sunshine
5 benefits of getting outside every day - photo by

: Your busy schedule may rule out doing much outdoors. You’re constantly on the go. You do want to spend more time doing outdoor activities, but you feel it’s impossible. Well, you have the inner power to make the impossible possible. The same way you dedicate time to other important things in your life, you should devote time solely to the outdoors. Choose the best time in your day to enjoy some relaxing fun outside. And if you don’t want to spend the time by yourself, bring the family along.

I’ve never had trouble appreciating the outdoors. Since I can remember, my mother used to take my sister and I out for walks every day from a few minutes to a couple of hours. Sometimes just sitting on a bench in the park watching kids play games was relaxing. And as we ventured around, we learned new things about our town. My niece and nephew picked up on our old habit.

Sometimes getting up early on your day off is a struggle. Your plans consist of waking up late, and sitting on the couch watching shows previously recorded. You have no intention of leaving the house. Though there’s nothing wrong with doing that, going outside — even for a quick walk around the block — is beneficial. Here’s why:

Health. Moderate exposure to the sun is healthy since it provides a significant amount of Vitamin D. According to, Vitamin D “absorbs and promotes bone growth.” Keep in mind excessive amount of exposure to the sun can cause skin damage. Exercising the body and mind. Running, walking or bicycle riding strengthens the heart and tones the body. Walking increases your body’s productivity. Not to mention, exercising also strengthens the mind. It reduces the mental weariness and improves your thinking process. Explore new places and meet new people. Staying indoors often limits you from exploring beyond your comfort zone. While on walks or your ride to the mountains, you will discover new places and decide to return at a later date. During that time, you happen to meet people who have the same interests as you and immediately connect. New friendships develop. Then, there are people you will meet for just that moment, but were a pleasure to speak to. Quality time with the children. Your kids love the television, computer, the video games and the phone. As much as those things are entertaining, children deserve a break from all that and enjoy what the outdoors has to offer. Take them on a nice family boat ride, fishing or camping. Focus. With the many pressures you experience on a daily basis, you lose sight of the important things and occasionally forget what you were doing. You‘re not paying attention to details as you normally would. For that reason, walks outside or yoga in the park are ideal to help you redirect your focus to what matters. Don’t put up any excuses. Despite your hectic schedule, do not forget to squeeze in at least a half hour or so of the outdoors. It helps reduce stress and increase the positive energy in your life.

Mayra Bitsko is a freelance writer, the author of A Second Chance and The Past Beckons and holds a master's degree in business administration-accounting. Contact her at