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Have You Seen This? Girl adorably calls out fat dad on Australian TV
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THE AIRWAVES An 11-year-old surf and skate competitor has once again gone viral, but this time its not for her sick athletic skills.

Sabre Norris first went viral when, as a 9-year-old, she landed a 540 on her skateboard in an equally impressive and adorable video. Since then, her hard work and skills have only increased, and shes now widely touted as a skate and surf prodigy.

But this video isnt about her sporting skills, this video is about her happy-go-lucky and guileless personality that led her to a good, old-fashioned family ribbing on Australias Today show.

In the video, Sabre calls her father, Olympic swimmer Justin Norris, pretty fat after a host asks her if her dad is an athlete. Its a non-sequitur that only a child can pull off with good-natured charm.

He had to suck his gut in for photos, and it was really funny, Sabre says with an adorable grin after she calls out her dad's ice cream habits.

Of course, the hosts can hardly contain themselves with laughter, and they do their best to stumble through the rest of the interview.

Sabre does give credit where credit is due, and she also praises her papa for his weight loss of 20 kilograms (44 pounds) since Christmas.

Visit Sabres website to learn more about her and to watch her skate and surf.