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Chamber to hold ID theft prevention seminars
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Chamber ID theft prevention seminars

First session
Aug 12 — Noon-1:30 p.m.

Second session
 Aug 13 — 6:30-8 p.m.

The Effingham County Chamber of Commerce will hold a second in a series of identity theft prevention seminars on Aug. 12-13. A follow-up to the first course for personal protection, this workshop will cover computer security and business liability.

The seminar is open to Chamber members and the general public, Scott Hinson, chairman of the Chamber’s Entrepreneur Friendly Task Force, announced. This session includes useful information for everyone: owners, IT professionals, legal, marketing, and financial departments.

Send your company representatives today to learn how to protect your company, and be proud that you are taking the necessary steps to protect your customer’s information.

Mike Fox, director of Information Technology Security at Georgia Southern University will discuss three essential parts of IT security: Processes and procedures (What’s your IT security risk?), technology (defense in depth — layered security) and people (The weakest link — security awareness for your employees).

In Fox’s role at Georgia Southern his office is responsible for IT risk assessments, IT risk mitigation, IT incident response, employee IT security awareness, vulnerability scanning of IT systems, IT security infrastructure, policy and standard creation, and business continuity/disaster recovery for IT systems.

Ramona Bartos of the Bartos Law Firm in Rincon, will discuss identity theft, FACTA and the FACTA Red Flag Amendment. Now specializing in this facet of law as it affects local municipalities, Bartos will share information on your business’ liability as it pertains to protecting clients, customers and employees.

She will also discuss what’s at stake for firms who do not adhere to new federal and state regulations.

“We think this is a great addition to our identity theft prevention seminar series,” Hinson said.  

Because of the anticipated response, the Effingham County Chamber of Commerce is offering this seminar at two different times.

Both seminar sessions will be held at the Effingham Chamber-Welcome Center, located at 520 W. 3rd Street in Springfield.

Choose the session you prefer and call the Chamber at 754-3301. Seats are limited.